Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat

Yoga and Massage

Yoga, amongst other spiritual practices, is one of our main focuses at Rio Chirripo Yoga Retreat. Along with yoga practice we consider other important physical and spiritual aspects such as Meditation, to help increase levels of self-awareness, Mantras – that create emotional frequencies that will help open up new dimensions in our consciousness, Nutrition and health – a really important aspect that affects our spiritual development and consciousness. Natural food and fresh juices help re-balance the body.

Massage– Bodywork changes the possibilities of well being and healing. We apply techniques that relieve pain, free and balance energy, provide deep relaxation and increase movement. Our mission is to help people feel integrated and harmonized, restoring natural energy flow.

If you would like to organize a yoga retreat in the mountains, with rushing rivers and greenery all around, our retreat is the ideal setting for it. Please go to Host a Retreat

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