Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat

Beauty lies in a healthy mind, body, and spirit.


At Spa Rio we provide you with an unforgettable experience of the highest level of purity while nourishing your body. Each treatment is hand crafted in house with 100% natural, local and organic products. We have carefully designed the spa experiences into a three stage process in which you can choose the treatments for each stage that will work best for you.



The scrub. This stage is meant to strip away dead cells of your skin while promoting better blood flow. You can choose any of the following body scrubs:

SALT FULL BODY SCRUB: We mix highly mineralized Pink imalayan and Pacific Sea Salt and combine then with skin softening oils like coconut and almond, infused with aromatic essential oils with specific therapeutic properties.


COFFEE ANTIOXIDANT FULL BODY SCRUB: enjoy and energizing, mineral rich scrub. This magnificent Rio Chirripo treatment will stimulate your lymphatic system and your circulation leaving your skin smooth and with a healthy glow.


COCONUT EXOTIC BODY SCRUB: for this exotic mix we use a combination of coconut oil, coconut sugar and coconut flakes infused with ylang yang essential oil. The combination of these ingredients will help your skin regain a healthy ph while nourishing it with magnesium, potassium and zinc


Replenish your skin and let nature do its work. After you rinse off the scrub ingredients of your skin you will be gently covered and wrapped in a cocoon of banana leaves with the formula of your choice. During this dreamy stage of the treatment you will receive an acupressure head massage and invigorating salt scrub on your feet. Please check out the formulas we have carefully designed:

CUCUMBER ALOE COOLING WRAP: The soothing properties of aloe vera and cucumber will provide deep a moisturizing experience. Highly recommended for dry skin.


PAPAYA NOURISHING BODY POLISH: Papaya, known for its enzymatic tenderizing proprieties will soften your skin, while it enriches it with vitamins and minerals. We cover you with papaya whipped with herbs and spices.


BLUE CLAY DETOXIFYING FULL BODY MASK: Clay comes in different colors and each color serves a different function in the body. Blue clay is known for its excellent hydration and oxygenation properties. This product is extracted from our lands in Costa Rica. It will remove impurities and pollution from your skin. You will be rewarded with a radiant bright skin.


To maximize the effects of the therapy you will be briefly massaged with a high quality Costa Rican chocolate mint body soak to entice the senses while simultaneously increasing the skins ability to hold moisture. Highly recommended at this stage is to get a full body massage.


  • Reserve in advance 24 hours of your desire treatment time.
  • Appointments must be canceled a minimum of 3 hours prior to your scheduled treatment.
  • Arrive for all treatments 1 hour after eating.
  • As a courtesy to your therapist, please shower before all treatments.
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