Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat

Here at Rio Chirripo  you can experience true relaxation and rejuvenation in our rainforest Lodge.

Perched above the Chirripo river, you will be enveloped by the sounds of nature and soft, mountain breezes. Live an unforgettable experience of the highest level, while nourishing your mind and body. Explore the lush tropical grounds, experience a massage while immersed in nature and dine on delectable locally sourced healthy cuisine, check out what we offer you


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Yoga & Qi Gong

Be present with nature as you watch the clouds move over the Chirripo mountains and hear the river during your yoga practice. Our unique yoga deck, looking out over the Rio Chirripo valley, gives a powerful sense of being fully alive and immersed in this stunning environment. And Qi Gong Using specialized breathing techniques and coordinated body movements, it opens channels for flow within the body to help detox organs and create a heightened state of well-being.


Allow yourself to sink into bliss in our stunning, open-air Spa Rio. Be serenaded by songbirds while local experts work their magic with a variety of massages and body treatments, all complemented by local and organic products. Each treatment takes the holistic view of caring for your body while truly nourishing your spirit. All of our spa offerings are sure to be a highlight of your stay with us here at Rio Chirripo and leave you relaxed and present to enjoy the rest of your stay here in the beautiful Chirripo rainforest.


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Rituals are the act of connecting to your center and spirit through a sacred act. They can help you achieve new levels of consciousness. Cacao Ceremonies have been practiced for thousands of years in Central America and is based in ancient Mayan culture. We offer four different styles of ritual sound healing here at Rio Chirripo with the lovely Vyola Mist.


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Healty Cuisine

Farm fresh, organic, and local Costa Rican ingredients, some grown on-site. Mouthwatering breakfast buffet every morning and 3 healthy, flavor-filled meals available so you can sit back relax and enjoy recharging in nature.


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Host a special Event

Rio Chirripo Lodge and Retreat is a perfect setting for any event! We can help you orchestrate a lavish wedding reception, a romantic anniversary get-a-way, a beautiful birthday bash, an exciting baby shower, a graduation celebration, a family reunion, or even a celebration for a work promotion.


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