Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat

A tranquil experience, through caring hands.


Bodywork changes the possibilities of well being and healing. We apply techniques that relieve pain, free and balance energy, provide deep relaxation and increase movement. Relieve the stress of your job, immerse yourself in our beautiful rain forest environment. At Spa Rio we provide you with an unforgettable experience of the highest level of purity while nourishing your body. Relax while listening to the sounds of local birds and the flowing waters of the nearby river.

Come once for the experience. Return for the results.

Rio Flow Massage

Using a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and energy balancing work this treatment is a holistic therapy that will relieve tension and soothe sore muscles by increasing the energy flow and oxygenation of the different tissues. it will leave you with a blissful sensation in your whole body.


60 min for $89 or 90 min for $131 taxes included.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage goes beyond the superficial tissue to release tension buried deep in the muscles. it is strong and concentrated and can benefit those with specific musculoskeletal problems as well as surfers, yogis and sports enthusiasts.


60 min for $89 or 90 min for $131 taxes included.

Thai Massage

Thai massage embraces a number of techniques-leaning, pressure reflexology energy alignment work, stretching and yoga. to achieve all of the desired effects the therapist uses palms, thumbs, feet, elbows forearms and knees.


90 min for $131 taxes included.

Hot Stones Massage

Great massage for relieving stress and anxiety. The use of these volcanic healing stones for massages will release muscle tension and encourage relaxation. Rio Chirripo retreat’s cool weather along with the soothing touch of the stones will sure bring a sedative and calming effect to the body and mind.


90 min for $131 taxes included.

Couples Massage

Retreat with your lover, friend or acquaintance and enjoy a magical massage experience. Enjoy a discount for the two of you.


60 min for $170 or 90 min for $250 taxes included.

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