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Are you struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, or other chronic health issues related to trauma or past trauma?

At Rio Chirripo, sharing with our guests and working with professionals in the field, we have realized that healing from trauma is often an extremely difficult and gut-wrenching process. This is because all aspects of the Self: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual are deeply affected by traumatic events. Whether it be acts of physical violence, sexual violation, emotional abuse, witnessing traumatic events, complicated grief or other complex factors, trauma leaves a deep and lasting imprint.

That is why we have begun to offer Trauma-Sensitive Yoga retreats. We want to be part of your journey to healing.

Have you experienced trauma? Is it affecting your well-being? Your ability to be present in the world, with your inner-Self, and with others?

Are you experiencing:
Intrusive thoughts and memories or flashbacks?
Hypervigilance, hyperawareness or being ‘on-guard’ of your surroundings constantly?
Hyperarousal or feeling constantly ‘on edge’, stressed out, fearful or even terrified?
Feeling unsafe?
Loss of interest in: life, relationships with others, or activities you used to enjoy?
Avoidance of certain (or almost all) activities and situations?
Unhealthy coping behaviors or addictions to numb the pain (substance abuse or self-harm for example)?
Physical illness, fatigue or pain?
Psychological or emotional desperation?
Existential or Spiritual crises?

Trauma or complex-trauma often results in what professionals now term PTSD (post-traumatic stress syndrome) or C-PTSD (complex post-traumatic stress syndrome). Common symptoms include suicidal ideation, flashbacks, disassociation, anxiety, depression, reckless behavior, mood swings, intense irritability and anger, insomnia, night terrors, and physical symptoms of memory loss, fatigue, and an inability to focus or concentrate.

Trauma often leaves the person who has been traumatized feeling hopeless and wanting to give up. Psychological, emotional, physical, and even spiritual systems or aspects of the Self are overwhelmed.

Yet, there is hope. It is possible to learn to cope with PTSD symptoms and to heal past traumas.

Trauma researchers, mental health professional, practitioners of integrative medicine, and even everyday people are realizing why yoga is a healing modality and practice for learning how to manage and grow from experiences of trauma.

Yoga has been shown to offer wonderful healing benefits to a variety of populations, including those with mental health conditions, and is widely known for the benefit of stress relief. For people with PTSD, developing a trauma-sensitive yoga practice can literally be life-saving.
Why yoga for trauma?

Learning and practicing Trauma-Sensitive Yoga can result in physical, psychological, emotional and Spiritual healing. Yoga can significantly reduce PTSD symptoms; help develop resilience skills; and cultivate deep and safe processes of inner-reflection and awareness that are critical in personal growth and integration of diverse aspects of the Self.

Physically, the practice of yoga helps stabilize the body’s physiology and calm the nervous systems’ hyperactive ‘fight-or-flight’ response that most often a direct result of trauma. Practicing asanas (poses) or movement through space also moves stagnant energy often stored in the body as stress, pain, fatigue, or even racing thoughts. Calm, slow, and subtle movements can help individuals cope with and feel less ‘paralyzed’ by physical sensations affiliated with trauma.

Psychologically, a dedicated yoga practice can result in awareness of the inner-chaos and fragmentation of the Self feels with trauma, which is often one of the first steps in the healing process. Similarly, yoga can help individuals better recognize and cope with ‘flashbacks’, disorientation and even disassociation. With consistent practice and introspective reflection, one can also learn to be honest with oneself about personal needs, fears, mental patterns and behaviors and what is required for change and healing.

Emotionally, trauma often gets stuck in the body as feelings or sensations that feel intolerable. A consistent yoga practice can help one safely experience gut-wrenching and overwhelming emotions. And, it can help one develop courage and provide a ‘safe’ space on the yoga mat in which one can feel emotions they are often terrified to feel otherwise.

Spiritually, with time and through the practice of yoga, one often begins to be able to tune into intuition and the potential power of one’s own inner-Light and Soul. Through the practice of yoga and in developing a safe community and sharing with others who have experienced trauma, it becomes possible to feel inner-courage and love from others and towards the Self. Yoga can also provide a doorway into a deeper connection with one own’s Spirit and with a Higher Power, which are often crucial in recovering and healing from traumatic experiences.

Overall, developing a yoga practice can help break pain-anxiety-depression cycles that result from trauma. In fact, research has shown that a steady yoga practice is more effective than any kind of medication for treating trauma. Through the practices of yoga, it is possible to become conscious of and confront wounds of the past, painful and overwhelming feelings and physical sensations, and to let them go to energetically move forward in life.

Do you want to begin the process of healing from your trauma?

Rio Chirripo provides the perfect setting to do so. Whether you are just beginning your healing process or are well into it, our Trauma-Sensitive Yoga retreats with our knowledgeable, dedicated, kind and compassionate professionals can provide an introduction to or deepening of a personal yoga practice.

Rio Chirripo offers a perfect environment for yoga for trauma recover retreats. Nestled in the mountains of Chirripo, the location allows for a deep connection with lush green rainforest and vibrant plant and animal life and the healing power of the fresh mountain air. Furthermore, a critically important aspect to any healing process and maintaining wellness is eating a healthy diet. Rio Chirripo offers delicious meals made from fresh, organic and local Costa Rican ingredients that are sure to help you feel your best. Spa and Wellness treatments including various massage and body treatments with organic and locally sourced products are also available for purchase.

Come a become an integral part of Rio Chirripo’s Yoga for Trauma Recovery Retreats—a places where we can come together, practice trauma-sensitive yoga together, eat together, share our experiences of trauma, suffering, and pain and most important develop personal connections with others, learn from each other and develop or strengthen individual yoga practices and deeper insights we need to heal.

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