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The Costa Rica that I love Part 2

The Costa Rica that I love Part 2

To continue with the second part of my blog, I want to talk about the other side of the coin of our current problems, the positive one, the moving forward one, some possible alternatives to the negative trends.

Recently, I became part of a small group of organic farmers of this area. We meet once a month to discuss what we’ve done with our farms and share ideas about how to make it better. In these meetings I have encountered the figure of the real Costarrican, simple, hard working and always looking for a better way to support their families and make the world a better one. Their family union is the strongest feature of these people, their kids and wives are fully involved in their projects. They are vigilant observers of every single detail nature has to offer. They stand for their truths, against all odds, but they are at same time open minded to receive the goodness of the world. They share with and support each other. Their union has rebelled against the corporate desires; they create their own produce out of the bounty of the earth without depending on big chemical companies.

They are creating a new society of people that, in my opinion, is going to change the direction of our dear Costa Rica and possibly the world.


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