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Whether you would like a relaxing massage or more therapeutic bodywork we offer several different modalities that will help you balance and revitalise your body, mind and spirit.


1- Rio Flow Massage: Using a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and energy balancing work this treatment is a holistic therapy that will relieve tension and soothe sore muscles by increasing the energy flow and oxygenation of the different tissues. it will leave you with a blissful sensation in your whole body.

 60 min. $89
90 min. $131


3- Deep Tissue: This massage goes beyond the superficial tissue to release tension buried deep in the muscles. it is strong and concentrated and can benefit those with specific musculoskeletal problems as well as surfers, yogis and sports enthusiasts.
60 min. $89
90 min. $131
4- Thai: Thai massage embraces a number of techniques-leaning, pressure reflexology energy alignment work, stretching and yoga. to achieve all of the desired effects the therapist uses palms, thumbs, feet, elbows forearms and knees.

90 min./ $131


Spa Treatments

1- Full Body Salt Scrub: We mix highly mineralized Pink Himalayan and Pacific Sea Salt and combine then with skin softening oils like coconut and almond, add aromatic essential oils with specific therapeutic proprieties.

60 min. $80

2- Cucumber Aloe Cooling Wrap: You will be gently covered with freshly grated cucumber combined with sooting aloe vera and essential oils and then wrapped in fresh banana leaves. During your dreamy treatment, you will receive an acupressure head massage and anointed with soothing oils.

60 min. $80

3-Papaya Coconut Nourishing Body Polish: Papaya, know for it’s enzymatic tenderizing proprieties will soften your skin, while it enriches it with vitamins and minerals. We cover you with papaya whipped with herbs and spices and then polish your body with grated coconut, coconut oil, ginger and flower essences, you will be treated to a gentle head and invigorating salt scrub on your feet.

60 min. $80


-Reserve in advance 24 hours of your desire treatment time.

-Appointments must be canceled a minimum of 3 hours prior to your scheduled treatment.

-Arrive for all treatments 1 hour after eating.

-As a courtesy to your therapist, please shower before all treatments.

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