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Relax and Restore at Rio Chirripó Lodge

Emma Sadlowski, also known as The Hesitant Adventurer, is a travel writer and digital nomad from Ottawa, Canada. Emma travels full-time and writes travel content from around the world, addressing topics such as anxiety and self-care. You can read more posts from The Hesitant Adventurer on her website or follow her on Instagram

Emma Sandlowski recently had the joy of spending 4 days at Rio Chirripó Lodge. We are located in the foothills of Chirripo Mountain, with our lodge set into the beautiful nature that she thought encompased Costa Rica. Getting away from the coast means that Rio Chirripo is secluded and immersed in the flora and fauna of the region. 

Our owners, Oriana and Frank, are always onsite to welcome each and every guest. When you stay with us, you’re family, and Emma felt right at home.  We strive to create a peaceful energy during your entire time here, so that we can provide a fully relaxing experience.


No matter the size of your group, we have the perfect lodging for you.

Emma spent her time in the lovely Casa Cafe which has both a queen and a double bed for larger groups, but was also the perfect private retreat for her. With its own balcony overlooking the beautiful mountain scenery, kitchen space, and private bathroom, this secluded space is a soothing getaway in an idyllic location that she relished. Located just outside the main building, which houses the dining room, bar, large kitchen, and lounge, Casa Cafe is ideally situated.

Each of our rooms have their own energy, with some being more secluded than others, and there is the perfect spot for you whether you are traveling alone, with friends, or on a romantic getaway. While all of our lodging offers a different experience, they are all cleaned daily and carry the same relaxing feeling as the rest of our property. 

Yoga experience 

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, Rio Chirripo has something for you.

Emma came to Costa Rica for her first ever yoga retreat experience. Over her four days staying with us, she participated in six yoga classes and three meditation sessions. During our retreats, we create a soothing atmosphere in our shala with the use of our woodstove, candles, and aromatherapy. Emma was deeply impacted by her practices and says that these were some of the most powerful yoga classes she has ever experienced.

Our main shala on site is just set off from the main lodge building. An open air building with a high roof and large windows invites nature in for a fully immersive practice in the Costa Rican rainforest. It is fully stocked with mats, straps, blocks, blankets, and bolsters which was perfect for Emma, as a blogger who travels light and still wants to experience a full practice with props.


All of our food served on-site is made locally, with love.

All of the food served at Rio Chirripo Lodge is created using ingredients grown on-site, as well as sourced from local family farms. Emma noticed that we strive to support our community in the area and keep the lodge as family oriented as possible. A majority of the meals we serve are plant-based, but we do offer fish and chicken occasionally. Our chef’s can also accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences and will ensure that everyone has delicious and nourishing meals.

Emma’s absolute favorite meal was our Ratatouille – a delightful roasted vegetable dish that we serve for breakfast that she will definitely be trying at home. Our food is one of the highlights of your stay here at Rio Chirripo!


Rio Chirripo Lodge offers a variety of activities, including mountain hikes, river rafting, food tasting, bird watching, and other ways of maximixing your time in this lush and biodiverse area. There is a spa at the lodge that offers body scrubs and massages to loosen your body after an adventure or a deep yoga class.

Emma, as The Hesitant Adventurer, found her time here refreshing and divine. She got to enjoy our quiet atmosphere and dive into her true relaxation. Her favorite activites were hammock time, meditation, lounging in our hot tub, lingering over meals, and reconnecting with her center.

We cannot wait to have you back, Emma!

Rio Chirripo Lodge is a must-visit on your trip to Costa Rica. Stay long enough to bask in the powerful nature of the Chirrpo foothills and truly restore yourself. Find out more about the lodge!

You can read her entire post and see all of her photos here.


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