Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat

Quiet and rainy time in the Mountains of Costa Rica

Here in the tallest mountain of Costa Rica its raining. During this month of October is when we receive the majority of the rain that makes the Chirripo area so green and lush and full of water all year long

This is also when we take time out for some new projects and maintenance at Rio Chirripo Lodge. We are also gathering our energy for the upcoming season when we’ll receive guests at the lodge again.

The river is up and roaring past making it’s annual cleaning of it’s bed and banks. During the afternoons the mountains are surrounded in mist, creating the mystical feeling of floating in time and space.

We’ve been using this special rainy season to work on the lodge and recharge our energies. As this season changes into dry season we are excited to welcome our guests back to an even better Rio Chirripo Lodge. We look forward to having this year’s travelers and groups stay with us and experience these beautiful mountains in such a unique part of Costa Rica.

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