Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat

Poem inspired in Rio Chirripo Retreat

This poem was written by one of our lovely guests who was inspired by the beauty of the surroundings of Rio Chirripo Retreat:


Chirripo clouds slowly pouring white down the mountain

mating with air and dark jungle green

with all eventually passing behind veil

a matching metaphor Michael

for existence closing your account

dissolving your brief bubble of vital effervescence

after you are no longer in competition with life

you easily see the long long while the world will last

no matter your coming or departure

no wonder then you want to be swallowed by sunrise

are bent on being blown by the wind

as it moves the top of he jungle

no surprise that you want to know the secrets of stone

the language of grass and banana leaves

want to speak the tongues of startlight

perhaps more urgently want to communicate to others

how we learn to survive well this one life

as we stand beside the darkness of our mortality.

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