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One New Lesson in Every Yoga Class…

I’m yoga lover. Every time I choose a place to go on vacation in Costa Rica the first thing I google the area for is the yoga aspect of it. Recently we visited Nosara Beach in Guanacaste. Nosara is one of the best yoga and surf destinations in Costa Rica.

Nosara’s yoga has been a big inspiration for me to get that wonderful practice at Rio Chirripo Retreat.

From practicing yoga at Nosara I have developed a different view of what yoga really is. Up until recently I would rate a teacher’s class by its intensity and if I was challenged to the max, that would be what I called an excellent yoga class and an excellent teacher. I now realize that the intensity of the class is not how a teacher can be rated for but a whole number of reasons. One is the way to convey the message to their students, the energy that the teacher puts into the class but mainly by the way a teacher can take you to a special place where you expand your mind in to a blissful joy. The yoguis who have been in that place can relate to me.

Recently I was introduce to Jin yoga. I’ve always loved the flow and when the teacher said that the next thing was to hold the poses for 5 minutes I thought… bummer!!! I hate holding poses for too long. What an amazing experience that was, after the pain is gone all there is left is a great state of peacefulness and power that you didn’t know you had.

Yoga is simply amazing with every class you find yourself a little more, you learn new things about you own body and how it behaves differently every day. So thanks to all those that have been my teachers I hope you keep that light shining in every class and maybe someday it will be my turn to share my light with other students.

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