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News about the Rio Chirripo Valley- Month of July

This month of July we have been blessed by an Indian summer, although here it is called  ‘verano  de San Juan’, a yearly climatic phenomenon giving at least a week of dry and sunny weather when the rainy season already has poured out  its first heavy rains. This year it seems to stretch out over the whole month, to the joy of European tourists  now visiting the area…and to our own joy because there are still several months of rain to go, so still plenty of opportunity  to cuddle up close to our cozy open fire place.

We wish you a happy summer back home and are looking forward to receiving you again at the Rio Chirripo Retreat.

Medicinal herbs in the Rio Chirripo Valley


Whereas in some countries it is difficult to find, here in the Chirripo valley, and at Rio Chirripo Retreat, horsetail is growing abundantly.  This fernlike plant that looks somewhat like the green of an asparagus is a relic of a group of land plants as tall as trees of the mid-Paleozoic age (some 350 million years ago). It is drunk and used locally to stop both internal and external bleeding as the plant contains aconite acid. The young shoots were eaten by the Romans in the 17th century and by American Indians in the 19th and 20th centuries. Taken in decoction it helps solve urinary tract problems and they are said to make an effective hair wash, stimulating growth and eliminating dandruff. The infusion can be used for the face to clear up pimply breakouts.


Our neighbors greet the world

Katia Hernandez must be a face known to many of you as she is the ‘Swiss cheese’ tica lady who would chat your ears off if able to speak English. This positive and socially very involved woman has just lost the opportunity of going to Ecuador to represent her women’s association. When the invitation reached her she realized she didn’t have a passport and there was no time left to apply for one.  Optimistic as always she laughed this off saying ‘ it’s not yet my time for an international career’.

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