Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat

What to do during your Stay in Rio Chirripo Lodge?

Exploration when you travel to Rio Chirripo Lodge is essential. With breathtaking views of the Chirripo Mountain, the lodge sits in the mystical valley next to the Chirripo River. With nature in the backyard, there are endless activities to explore around Costa Rica. Your adventures while staying at Rio Chirripo Lodge include hiking, bird watching, food tasting, river rafting and discovering Chirripo Mountain. There are other adventures that are close to the lodge. One that you will not want to miss is the Cloudbridge. See our favorites below.

Explore Chirripó Valley

Get out into the beautiful nature surrounding Rio Chirripo Lodge and explore the Cloudbridge Reserve through one of it’s guided hikes. Spend the day playing in one of the many waterfalls in the area. Learn about local plant life at the Secret Gardens, and be sure to experience the jungle with a tour on horseback.


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CloudBridge Reserve

Situated in a beautiful and remote cloud forest, just twenty minutes drive away from Rio Chirripo Lodge, Cloudbridge Reserve is a unique private nature reserve. Trek through Costa Rica’s oldest growth forest, Night tours, bird watching, and epic daytime hikes are some of the best excursions to enjoy the Mt. Chirripo CloudBridge.


Nauyaca Waterfalls

About an hour drive from Rio Chirripo Lodge will take you to the Nauyaca waterfalls, one of the most amazing attractions in the southern zone of Costa Rica. These majestic waterfalls are the perfect experience for nature and adventure lovers.


Climb Chirripo Mountain

Chirripo area is most know for having the highest mountain in Costa Rica and second highest in Central America. Chirripo Mountain was declared one of UNESCO world heritage site. It is one of the most amazing wonders of nature in Costa Rica. Chirripo peak in Costa Rica goes up to 3820 m above sea level (about 12 000 ft).

Horseback Riding in Nauyaca

Because of the unique topography of the mountain terrain, Chirripo Valley may not seem to be the most ideal location for horseback riding, but Nauyaca is the perfect spot. The tour starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends around 1:30 p.m. It includes guide, light breakfast, lunch and your admission ticket, click here for more info.


Secret Gardens

A delightful day excursion: the secret gardens in San Gerardo de Rivas feature many of most beautiful Costa Rican native and adapted species of heliconias, bromeliads, orchids, water lilies and causes. The entire garden is about a kilometer, and it takes an hour to explore. Bernal, the Gardner who tends to the garden, will guide you around, more info.

River Spa Day

One of a kind experience. Highly recommended for friends who want to enjoy some time together while being cared for. Around 3 hours of great of fun. It requires full involvement in painting amazing blue clay through out the body followed by tribal markings made with red clay. After the blue clay treatment a dry exfoliant of coffee and sugar will help your skin detoxify the impurities that the blue clay extracted. Wash off in the chill waters of the Chirripo River. Finish with picnic basket that includes wine and a cheeseboard with all sorts of goodies. Highly recommended for groups who want to enjoy the facilities.


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Belly Dance

Annalisa is an organizer and retreat planner at Camp Belly Dance. Her mission is to provide each individual, irrespective of age, body type, or exposure to dance and yoga with a truly unique experience where in creativity and transformation can be unlocked. Join Annalisa as she leads you through dance drills designed to train, build a strong foundation, and improve muscle memory all while simultaneously sculpting the body.

Food & Cooking Experiences

Within the area are many local, operating farms. Travel a bit farther afield and tour a coffee plantation or stay close to the lodge with a cheese factory experience. At the lodge, we offer tortilla making, pizza nights, and our signature pasta workshop. Enjoy local culture with a chocolate company tour and appreciate the sweetness of learning how sugar is milled.


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Finca Las Orquideas Coffee Farm

Finca Las Orquideas is an organic coffee farm located around 30-40 minutes from our lodge where you will participate in a unique experience while learning not only about the history of this farm, but also getting immersed in the taste of organic local coffee. During the tour you will be walked through the farm and Don Jose will explain about the coffee process step by step. This tour also includes a typical Costa Rican lunch wrapped in banana leaves, a bag of coffee, and a delicious cup of fresh roasted coffee with Costa Rican homemade bread, which will definitely enrich your experience.


Chocolate Making

Samaritan Xocolata uses a proprietary blend of some of Costa Rica’s favorite flavors and premium ingredients from locally grown and organic fruits, nuts, and spices to create their chocolates. This fair trade chocolate maker will lead you through how they produce their favorite treats.


Homemade Pizza Night

A great activity for groups to do on site. The whole process ends in celebrating a great group effort by eating the pasta. You don’t have to be an expert. A few glasses of Sangria, that we include in this tour, will help you believe you are an Italian chef.


Tortilla Making

Corn is one the native foods, that after the conquista, still remains in our daily cuisine. We show you the entire process from cooking the corn, grinding and turning it into delicious tasty tortillas. Dona Cecilia will show you the entire process. She is a champion at hand making tortillas. A fun activity to do anytime of the day to enjoy a great snack.


Quesos Canaan Cheese Factory

Quesos Canaan is a family run business that started about 15 years ago with the idea of creating a cheese that wasn’t the same traditional one. This tour features a walk through their sustainable Costa Rican farm located 5 minutes away from Rio Chirripo Lodge. They end the tour with tasting this delicious, sharp tasting cheese.




Pasta Making

Join us for a fully unique pasta making experience! This group workshop leads you through a fun culinary experience that culminates in a delicious meal to be shared by all. Chris Linea, our Rio Chirripo pasta master, chose Costa Rica as his home over ten years ago. He found his passion in pasta – bringing this delightful and simple food to local villages. Coming straight from his rustic, Italian inspired kitchen to your plate, Chris has created a way of life that provides more than just a warm meal, it also provides community and a new food style to the area.


Sugar Mill

Don Pemo arrived as a pioneer to San Rafael Norte and the trapiche has been continuously operated by his family ever since. Today when you visit this great trapiche, the process of making sugar is as it has been since don Pemo started it. A really unique Costar Rican experience to see how they extract the juice from the cane, cook it just right and make the traditional tapas de dulce


The incredible flora and fauna surrounding Rio Chirripo Lodge is an ideal spot for a birding day trip. Visit the Cloudbridge Reserve, only 20 minutes away, and discover some of Costa Rica’s most stunning species. At Los Cusingos Bird Sanctuary, take a guided tour with an expert who will help you spot all of the local birdlife.


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Adrenaline Adventures

See the beauty of Costa Rica in a different way with a paraglide tour over the foothills. Bring the whole family along for a canopy tour and walk through the trees. Feel the power of the Chirripo river with a river rafting trip or take on the jungle yourself with an ATV rental to get off the beaten bath.


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One of a kind adventure minutes away from Rio Chirripo Lodge. For those who want to experience this kind of adrenaline, Zion will make this wish come true. Zion Susanno is a USHPA certified instructor and can take you from complete novice, to beginner, to XC addict. Zion’s knowledge about, wing control, thermalling and understanding the weather will have you feeling confident in yourself and at ease in the air.


ATV Tour

This is a unique experience in which you have the great opportunity to explore the mountains any time of the year. This tour will give you a great deal of safety as it is professionally guided. Located just one hour from our lodge this tour begins along the different communities in the area of Rivas. Explore the area while climbing up hills that have amazing views of the Valle del General have no price. This adventure activity is one of the ones that not be missed when you visit us.


Canopy Tour

Another adrenaline filed tour that is only an hour away from the lodge and that can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is a safe and nice adventure that allows a great scenery of the Valley of San Isidro del General. About the tour: The tour includes 5 cables, 7 platforms, and one rappel line, and a natural drink at the end of the tour.

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