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Chirripo Race: A great way to challenge your limits

In 1989 two friends had just returned from hiking to the top of Chirripo when they had an idea to create an annual Chirripo Race.

On February 25th 2012, for the 24th time we are going to have the International Race to Chirripo National Park: the highest mountain in Costa Rica.

About 225 runners will start from the San Gerardo de Rivas plaza at an elevation of 1350 meters and run to the refuge in Chirripo National park at an elevation of 3400 meters and back. The record that is still unbroken was established for 3 hours and nine minutes. The race is an amazing tour through the forest up to what we call paramo which is a type of vegetation typical of high altitude places like Chirripo. This race is unique in Costa Rica, it definitely challenges people’s minds, it makes runners bring out their best.

Meanwhile in San Gerardo the fiesta will include food, beer, music and a dance, while they wait to receive the brave runnget to the finish line with cheers.

This race up to our sacred mountain Chirripo makes runners challenge their personal limits while their relatives and


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