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Stay at home, but don’t cancel, postpone. 

Stay at home, but don’t cancel, postpone. Greetings from the Rio Chirripo Family, we know that at this moment we are going through so many difficult situations and that the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is affecting millions of people. Here at Rio Chirripo, we care deeply about your safety, the safety[…]

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Retreating one more year at Rio Chirripo Lodge

Retreating one more year at Rio Chirripo Lodge   Retreat season 2020 officially began last January and the family of Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat is very excited about telling you a bit of what was the second yoga retreat we had the chance to hold at the end of[…]

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Season 2020 Upcoming retreats

The dry season in Costa Rica is a very special time of year for visiting as you get to enjoy the magic of the beautiful green mountains and abundant birds and wildlife surrounding us here at Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat. This is a perfect time for yoga organizers and[…]

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Are you struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression, or other chronic health issues related to trauma or past trauma? At Rio Chirripo, sharing with our guests and working with professionals in the field, we have realized that healing from trauma is often an extremely difficult and gut-wrenching process. This is because[…]

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Brunch at Rio Chirripo

A great new option to change the routine and enjoy your Sundays is to be a a part of our delicious Rio brunch!   At Rio Chirripo, we value time spent with friends over a cup of coffee, a home made cinnamon roll, or even a mimosa. Therefore, we have[…]

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Pasta Making Workshop

Join us for a fully unique pasta making experience! This group workshop leads you through a fun culinary experience that culminates in a delicious meal to be shared by all.  Chris Linea, our pasta master, chose Costa Rica as his home over ten years ago. He found his passion in[…]

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Relax and Restore at Rio Chirripó Lodge

Emma Sadlowski, also known as The Hesitant Adventurer, is a travel writer and digital nomad from Ottawa, Canada. Emma travels full-time and writes travel content from around the world, addressing topics such as anxiety and self-care. You can read more posts from The Hesitant Adventurer on her website or follow[…]

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Yoga in our lives

Here at Rio Chirripo Lodge, we believe in taking care of your body holistically. This follows not only what you put into your body, but how you move your body and how you think about it as well.  Start your day with an engaging yoga class in our stunning and[…]

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