Rio Chirripo Lodge & Retreat

Beginning of a new season in the mountains of Costa Rica

Summertime has officially arrived. People who have lived here their whole lives say “It’s clear and warm with a cool breeze, it feels like Christmastime.”

That’s our Summer. We haven’t jumped in the river yet but I feel it’s on the schedule.

Meanwhile, there’s more visitors to the mountains, more people enjoying the trails of Chirripo and Cloudbridge. You can hear the birds talking about the arrival of Summer too and the new flowers to check out.

Yesterday we watched a pizote family of about 12 pizotes across the river, big, medium and little ones. They climb trees and they can also walk around on what appear to be sheer rock walls above the river with no problem.

We’ve started off the season with some nice guests and we’re looking forward to a great year of meeting travelers from all over the world.

Rio’s new cabin, Rio Vista, will be ready for guests. It has a pretty awesome view of the river below from the deck with comfy chairs, a new bathroom and a mini kitchen.

We feel grateful to be here enjoying life in the mountains every day.

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